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What is Concept Rhythm

Concept Rhythm creator David German is a 32 year Florida resident and 2006 graduate of (RISD), the Rhode Island School of Design where he earned a BFA. David’s imagery consist of fine-art portraiture, surrealism, and hip-hop culture. His perspectives are as diverse and intriguing as his surrounding environment. He translates his everyday living experience into extraordinary works of mixed mediums which are hypnotic.  His personal evolving continuum, is evident within each piece; introducing you to the many layers that make him who he is (Inspiring).  He is known for his hyper/keen sense to detail and his soulful & nostalgic scenes. Throw in his creative live performances and videos, and you have CONCEPT  RHYTHM. David German on Concept Rhythm


David German on Concept Rhythm


Concept Rhythm is the evolution of my artistic vision, the combination of my love for art and music.  I usually listen to music when I design, because it motivates and inspires me.  Music has been one of the strongest influences to my artistic expressions and has helped me understand how to symbolize beauty, rhythm, and movement. So you might wonder, how could music influence artistic expressions of a different medium?  Sometimes I’ll listen to music that may go hand and hand to a piece I’m designing, but ordinarily I just listen to something based on my mood at the time.  Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop and just good soulful oldies like Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Muddy Waters, Gnarls Barkley, Outkast, Miles Davis, Roots, and Nas – is usually the first thing I go to.  For me, these artists and their music form a core of all the things I hold closest to my art.Expression, freedom and an ability to get lost in whatever you’re doing.  Sometimes I get carried away and start dancing while I’m painting which can make for some interesting artwork to say the least. Art & music are like breathing, I could not live without either…Just as I must breathe to live, I must have both of these for my spiritual  survival. Music and Design are two faces of the same coin for me. An image is something you see, and music is something you hear; though I use both to communicate a message. Just as I appreciate and create images, I listen to and compose music.  Nevertheless, I see music as my hobby and art as my passion, though I do enjoy both very much. I also tend to be critical on both. When I see a design/image, I sort of critique it in my mind. The same goes for music, and you’d be shocked to see that design principles apply to music as well. Both really are one and the same thing, so it’s no surprise that so many visual artist get involved in music, or at least feel a natural gravitation to it.”

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